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Are you a new mom looking for the perfect baby carrier to take with you on your travels and outings?

The Lillebaby Complete Carrier is sure to be the perfect fit.

This lightweight, comfortable baby-wearing option is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for both parents and babies.

The six ergonomic carrying positions, adjustable straps, and supportive lumbar panel, make it an ideal choice for any busy parent who wants to keep their little one close while on the go.

With its unique combination of style, function, and quality materials, the Lillebaby Complete Carrier is an essential piece of baby gear.

After over 7 years of using Lillebaby through four babies, I'll be sharing my Lillebaby carrier review.

Mom with baby in Lillebaby Complete carrier on her back
1-year old in Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Favorite Features of the Lillebaby Complete Carrier

The Lillebaby Complete is a soft structured carrier perfect for wearing babies 7 pounds to 45 pounds. Yes – even newborns can be worn without any sort of insert!

Babies can be worn in several positions including front carry, back carry, and hip carry. Our preference is front carry with the occasional back carry.

The Lillebaby Complete offers a wide and narrow seat making it easy to switch between positions for different outings.

It has head support for your baby and a hood to keep the sun off their sensitive skin – don't forget your non-toxic baby sunscreen for their legs!

The shoulder straps and waist belt are padded for comfort. The shoulder straps can even be worn crossed in the back creating a better fit for petite moms.

It also has a small pocket – although it is very small. You might be able to get a phone or set of keys in it. It's not made to replace a purse.

With several fabric options and styles of the Lillebaby Complete, you're sure to find one that suits you.

We have loved our Airflow and Embossed, (which unfortunately, is no longer made.)

Lillebaby Lumbar support

The lumbar support is a removable panel that slides onto the waistband of the Lillebaby carrier.

This is one of the best parts of the Lillebaby Complete as it helps to provide more support for your lower back.

The lumbar panel redistributes some of the weight from the waistband so it’s not cutting into you.

It can be adjusted to fit your body and help ensure you keep good posture while wearing the carrier.

The lumbar support can be used with all carry positions including hip and back carry.

This is an excellent feature for new moms and first-time baby-wearers as your body adjusts to carrying the weight of your baby.

How To Use Lillebaby Carrier

If you're ready to start wearing your little one in comfort and convenience, here's how you can use the Lillebaby Complete Carrier!

Here's a step-by-step guide on how I use the Lillebaby carrier in a front carry position:

  • Put the carrier around your waist and clip it. Secure the waist buckle with the extra support strap.
  • Lift baby into the carrier, spreading their legs and getting them into a deep seating position. Pull the main panel up over their back.
  • Place the straps over your shoulders with one hand on your baby.
  • Securely fasten the buckle between the two shoulder straps with one hand on the baby – or have someone do this for you. It takes time to get the hang of buckling and holding a baby at the same time.
  • Pull down on the extra strap material under your arms to tighten and adjust the fit. It should be snug but not uncomfortable.
  • Double-check that baby is comfortable and secure in the carrier. I typically tighten the waistband and raise it a little higher after the shoulder straps are secure.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of using your Lillebaby carrier, you can experiment with different carry positions to find the most comfortable way to wear your baby.

Mom carrying 10-month old baby in Lillebaby Carrier on back
10-month old in Lillebaby embossed, back carry

Lillebaby Newborn Carrier

Lillebaby is ready to use with a newborn starting at 7 pounds. It's so nice to have a carrier that works from birth all the way up to toddler age.

Although it says 7 pounds, newborns are squishy and slouchy.

I recommend giving your baby a couple of weeks to learn to stretch out a little bit so they aren't retreating into a ball when you put them in the Lillebaby.

Carrying your newborn in the Lillebaby is easy. You'll want to make sure you have the wide seat setup.

When putting your newborn in the carrier, you want to make sure that their legs are in froggy position or an M shape.

You'll also want to make sure that their head is high enough to kiss and they don't put their chin to their chest – follow safe babywearing guidelines.

Lillebaby Infant Insert

An infant insert is not needed in the Lillebaby Complete carrier.

It is truly an all-in-one carrier without parts that need to be purchased separately.

Types of Lillebaby Complete Carriers

While Lillebaby offers several types of carriers, the Lillebaby Complete is their most popular soft-structured, buckle carrier that offers six positions for baby and can be used from 7-45 pounds.

Below are the variations of the Lillebaby Complete – each featuring a few unique differences from the base carrier.

When choosing one, consider when and how often you'll be wearing your baby.

Think of where and how you'll be traveling with baby.

Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

If you will be babywearing in various climates, the Complete All Seasons is a 2-in-1 carrier.

Unzip the front panel to reveal a breathable, mesh back. You can also zip up the panel to keep your baby warm on colder days – hence the “all seasons” name.

This version does have a much smaller, slim pocket on the zip-down panel versus other models.

Lillebaby Airflow

If you'll mainly be babywearing in warm areas – see more beach baby carriers – the Lillebaby Complete Airflow features 3D mesh on the torso instead of fabric.

This lighter, well-padded material allows for more breathability for your little one.

Lillebaby Luxe

If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, start with the Lillebaby Luxe.

With unique patterns on premium fabrics, this carrier goes above and beyond the basics.

You'll notice upgraded features like a leather tag and gold hardware sure to impress.

Lillebaby Organi-touch

Made with soft, organic cotton, this carrier is perfect if you prefer natural materials.

Available in soft pastels like blushing pink, sea glass green, and powder blue, this is a stylish option for eco-conscious parents.

Mom on the beach with baby in baby Lillebaby Complete carrier on her chest
3-month old in Lillebaby Complete Embossed carrier

Lillebaby Carrier Positions

Below are the 6 positions that you can use for your baby with the Lillebaby Complete.

Some may last only a few months, but with some practice, you'll find the position(s) you and your baby enjoy most.

We love the front carry with a wide seat for my toddlers. They love being held and this position lets them feel close at all times.

Forward facing never really worked for me because I'm petite and large-chested. If they want to see out, my babies seem to like the back carry position.

Lillebaby Front Carry

  • age: 0-3 months

If you're using the Lillebaby from birth, you'll be starting with a wide seat front carry.

Your newborn's legs will be inside the carrier in an M position.

Lillebaby Narrow Seat

  • age: 0-12 months

When your Infant is a little more developed, you'll adjust the carrier to the narrow seat for a front carry.

With your infant facing you with their legs out, they will enjoy a little more freedom and still be able to cuddle close.

Scrunch Seat

While not an official Lillebaby position, there is a position known as scrunch seat for babies who need a little more support than the narrow seat but aren't quite big enough for wide seat.

Prepare to use the wide seat, but don't button the snaps down. Instead, scrunch the sides in a bit for a custom fit from knee to knee.

Lillebaby Wide Seat

  • age: 6+ months

After your baby has grown a bit more, and their legs begin to hang down, you'll want to adjust back to the wide seat.

The toddler front carry gives your baby the ability to interact with you while still being held close by the carrier.

Lillebaby Back Carry

  • age: 6+ months

Once your baby is ready, you can begin using the Lillebaby for back carries.

This gives them a similar view of the world as forward facing, while being a little more hands-free for the wearer.

Your baby will be securely strapped in with their legs out and a wide seat to support them. This carry position allows you to have both arms free while still keeping your little one close.

Feel free to use the lumbar support on your belly to displace the weight of the waistband.

Lillebaby Forward Facing

  • age: 6-18 months

For older babies, an outward-facing carry is a great option when your baby wants to observe their surroundings.

Babies usually love this position or hate it.

Only use this carry after your little one can support their head and neck without assistance and be sure to only use the narrow seat while outward facing.

Lillebaby Side Carry

  • age: 6+ months

When your baby is ready, you can try a side carry or hip carry.

This is an especially great way to wear an older baby or toddler – allowing them to have one side of the body free to explore their surroundings.

How to Wash Lillebaby Carrier

Another great feature of the Lillebaby Complete carrier is that it is machine washable.

Lillebaby recommends washing it with cold water and hanging it to dry.

I place my carriers in a mesh bag and wash on a gentle cycle or hand wash cycle.

The Lillebaby Complete dries super quickly – especially the Lillebaby Airflow!

Where to Buy the Lillebaby Complete Carrier

The Lillebaby Complete is available on the Lillebaby website.

They often run sales on top of very reasonable starting prices.

You can also browse their other carrier options including a ring sling, perfect for infants, or the CarryOn for when your babe outgrows the Complete!

Lillebaby Carrier Review Wrap Up

The Lillebaby Complete Carrier is a great choice for parents who are looking for a versatile, comfortable, and easy-to-use baby carrier.

With several variations, including organic materials, fun patterns, and 3D mesh, you're sure to find the perfect Lillebaby Complete to fit your needs.

Wearing your baby in the Lillebaby Complete Carrier is a great way to bond with them while freeing up your hands.

We have been on so many adventures with our Lillebaby carriers, from first flights to sandy beaches, it's been perfect for our traveling family.

Is Lillebaby a good carrier?

Yes, Lillebaby makes a great quality, affordable baby carrier that can be used from 7 to 45 pounds.

Can you put a newborn in a Lillebaby carrier?

Yes, newborns starting at 7 pounds can be used in a Lillebaby Complete carrier without an infant insert.

How long do babies use Lillebaby carrier?

You can use Lillebaby carriers until your baby weighs 45 pounds or is uncomfortable being worn.

Are Lillebaby carriers worth the money?

Yes, Lillebaby carriers are worth the investment and often are on sale for under retail price.

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