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As any parent knows, planning a visit to Disney World is an exciting but daunting task.

With so much to see and do, it's important to be prepared for your trip in order to make the most of your time.

One key element that many families overlook is if their stroller fits the rules Disney World has set.

Knowing these regulations ahead of time can help you avoid delays and disappointment when visiting the parks.

We'll provide an overview of the Disney World stroller rules so you'll know if your stroller will work and exactly what to do if it does not.

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Disney Stroller Restrictions

Walt Disney World has made it simple with very basic restrictions on strollers.

They have simple guidelines of what type of strollers are allowed in the park and the exact dimensions your stroller needs to be under.

However, Disney World stroller rules are slightly hard to find with a mix of other Disney World park restrictions.

If you want to read the full page of restrictions, you can find it here.

An overview of the basics Disney World stroller rules are below:

Wagons are Not Permitted in the Disney World Parks

Wagons might not be your first choice when thinking of strollers to bring to Disney World, but they do carry a lot!

Unfortunately, Disney does not allow wagons for obvious reasons.

The crowds can get thick – which is a big thing to consider when deciding is Disney World worth it?

You can't look behind you to see your wagon and others may not look down to see your little ones before tripping on them.

Great storage option, but leave the wagon at home.

Stroller Wagons are Prohibited

This seemed to be the answer to the wagon ban.

Stroller wagons became hugely popular and can also carry all of your kids, gear, and more for a full day at Disney parks.

However, with many being the size of a small pack-n-play, I think they just took up too much space.

Stroller wagons are also huge and often hard to easily travel with, so it's best to leave them at home.

Avoid Any Trailer-like Object that is Pulled by a Stroller

There must have been several people getting creative with the rules for this one to come up!

Don't attach anything extra or on wheels to your stroller, even if it's for a cuteness factor.

Again, these are tripping hazards and will not do well in crazy crowds.

Disney Stroller Dimensions

Here is the most basic rule if you are bringing your own stroller to Disney World:

Your stroller should be no wider than 31″ and no longer than 52″.

It's as simple and complicated as that!

Be sure to measure the widest part of your stroller, including the wheels or handlebar for an accurate stroller size.

Most single strollers won't have an issue with the Disney stroller dimensions.

We prefer to use our Ergobaby Metro+ travel stroller. It's the perfect size for traveling.

Of course if you need a double stroller, this is where you need to pay attention.

Several popular double strollers, (mostly joggers,) are not within the guidelines.

We've done Disney with our twin toddlers in a Baby Jogger City Mini GT and it was the best double stroller for Disney.

Also be aware that on some Disney transportation options, you will need to fold down your stroller.

That means emptying all the the stuff and all of the kids – sleeping or not.

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Who Enforces Disney World Stroller Rules?

Disney World is serious about its stroller rules and they have staff in place to ensure that they are followed.

The most common spot you will see them is outside of the parks where you can find Cast Members checking over strollers before guests enter Disney World parks.

We have heard of people getting into the parks with strollers over the size limits.

But we have also heard that they will measure your stroller and make sure it fits within the guidelines.

If your stroller is too big, they may direct you to the nearest rental location where you can rent a smaller one for the day.

Of course, this means you will have to trek back to your car to put your stroller away and then rent one of the Disney World strollers – which we do not recommend.

If Your Stoller Doesn't Fit Disney Stroller Guidelines

Don't worry if your stroller does not fit within Disney's guidelines.

If you know this beforehand, you can prepare for your day by having a plan ready for how you will get a stroller.

You can always rent a stroller for the day at Disney World at one of their many rental locations.

Disney stroller rental locations are usually convenient to the entrances so you don't have to have your little ones walking far.

You can find locations and prices online if you want to rent a stroller when you arrive at the park,

We've done it before and I don't recommend renting a stroller from Disney World.

Yes, they work, but they are not comfortable and not fun to push.

If you are used to a name-brand stroller at home you'll be better off renting from a reputable Babyquip provider.

Babyquip providers are mostly moms renting baby equipment to other parents visiting their area.

There are plenty of providers serving the Orlando area, so you have a great chance of renting a quality stroller from one of them.

You can arrange to meet them at the airport or your hotel to rent strollers, car seats, cribs, and even toys.

Then, once your vacation is over, the provider simply picks up the equipment and you're done!

No need to lug around large strollers through the airport or worry about them meeting Disney's stroller guidelines.

This may be more expensive than bringing your own, but it will give you more flexibility during your stay and make sure you are following all of the rules.

toddler in disney world stroller eating a mickey ice cream bar
Disney World rental stroller

Stroller Parking at Disney World

It's important not to just leave your stroller anywhere.

In the Disney parks, you'll find designated spots for your stroller to be parked!

These parking spots are typically located near the entrances and exits of each attraction as well as other high-traffic areas.

We try to park our stroller near the exit of the attraction so it will be easier to find, grab, and go!

We also bring our Lillebaby carrier just to have a backup for carrying tired toddlers.

You'll also want to take note of a couple of Disney World stroller rules regarding parking your stroller.

Strollers are not allowed to be parked at attractions or in the walkways as they can become tripping hazards and block other guests from walking by.

Make sure you don't create your own stroller parking spot!

Strollers can also not be locked, so don't plan on bringing any sort of locking device.

Cast members can cut locks on your stroller.

Disney Stroller Parking Tips

If this is your first time to Disney World, be aware that cast members will move strollers from stroller parking areas.

Don't freak out when you can't find your stroller. It's probably not stolen.

Cast members work to organize the stroller parking lots so that people can find spots easier.

They typically don't move strollers far, but they can definitely relocate them as they wish.

It is important to note that Disney does not take responsibility for lost or stolen items – including strollers.

Although you are not able to put a lock on your stroller, there are plenty of other ways you can assure your stroller only gets taken by you.

  • Airtag your stroller
  • Decorate your stroller with balloons, ribbons, or lights
  • Add a sign to your stroller

By following these tips, you can make sure that the only person who takes your stroller is you!

Disney has plenty of security cameras to make sure that no one else takes it.

Following these guidelines ensures you have a safe and enjoyable day at the park with your little ones – we love Animal Kingdom for toddlers!

family with two kids in a double stroller at disney springs

Disney World Stroller Rules Wrap Up

For families visiting Disney World, strollers can be a tricky issue.

Thankfully, you have several options.

If you choose to bring your own stroller, make sure it meets all of Disney’s requirements.

If you know your home stroller does not meet Disney's stroller rules, consider renting one from Babyquip for the duration of your trip.

Finally, don’t forget some unique ways to identify your family’s stroller so that it doesn't get taken by someone else!

With these tips in mind, your next trip will be smooth sailing (or rolling!) and you will be ready to have a magical time at Disney World!

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What kind of stroller does Disney World allow?

Disney World allows any single or double stroller that at its widest point measures 31″ wide and is under 52″ in length.

Can I bring a stroller wagon to Disney World parks?

Unfortunately, stroller wagons are not allowed in Disney World Parks. Neither are classic wagons.

Are jogger strollers allowed at Disney World?

Yes, jogging strollers are allowed at Disney World as long as they fit into the Disney stroller dimensions of under 31″ wide and under 52″ long.

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