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If you are an expecting mom, you've probably heard Bellefit reviews and been curious about what this shapewear actually does.

I can tell you that the postpartum period is not always easy. You will probably be tired and sore, and your body will be going through a lot of changes.

One of the best ways to help yourself during this time is to wear a postpartum girdle. This type of shapewear can help support your stomach and back, and it can also help reduce swelling.

This is where Bellefit comes in – offering high quality postpartum girdles and corsets to help you feel more comfortable and confident during this time.

I'm sharing my personal experience after using Bellefit's Dual-Closure Girdle and Girdle Corset with my last two pregnancies – one of them being with twins!

Bellefit Girdle Corset and Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle (see zipper to the right)

Should I Buy the Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle or the Bellefit Girdle Corset?

There were many baby products I decided were unnecessary with my first child. I tried to buy as few things as possible and did a ton of research on everything from strollers to breast pumps.

The Bellefit Postpartum Girdle was one of the items I did a lot of research on. Although I loved the concept, (who doesn’t want to get their body back after having a baby?) I just wasn’t sure I needed it.

Fast forward to after my first birth: my insides felt like they were floating around and the back pain was unbearable.

I have never had any sort of back pain and I felt like my core was completely unsupported.

It was truly an awful feeling and I couldn't believe no one had told me this would happen… Add it to the list of things no one tells you about having a baby!

Difference Between Girdle and Corset

The Bellefit Postpartum Dual-Closure Girdle has two closure methods – the hook and eye closures on the front and a size zipper. This makes it a little easier to put on as you can unzip and unclasp to pull the Girdle over your hips.

Your first few times it will take some maneuvering to get it all the way up, zipped, and clasped – use the included extenders where needed!

The Dual-Closure Girdle is also recommended for C-Section deliveries.

The Girdle Corset has front hook and eye closures only. It fits a little more snug but also gives a great, uniform shape.

The Bellefit Girdle Corset is recommended for natural births, so avoid this one if you have a C-Section planned.

The Corset is even great to use months after birth as shapewear once you don't need the support and compression.

Postpartum in the hospital after 37+1 twins

I Tried the Bellefit Postpartum Dual-Closure Girdle

My second pregnancy was with twins and I did the research again and decided I was definitely going to try Bellefit.

According to the Bellefit sizing tool, I would need a large dual-closure girdle. (I have never worn a large anything in my life – I thought for sure this sizing was way off, but it was perfect.

Seriously, listen to the suggested size! The sizing calculator can be found here and their customer service reps can also run the numbers for you as well.

I brought my girdle to the hospital and tried to put it on, but I still had a lot of fluid and quite the belly – because, twins.

I tried it on after a week and it was perfect. By perfect, I mean slightly uncomfortable as I had to cram myself into it.

I had it on the outer row of hook and eye closures and used the included extender on the top of the girdle, but it fit!

That’s how I knew it was working and offering the compression and support I needed.

My back pain was very minimal while wearing it and of course, I felt 100% better about how I looked physically.

My insides felt like they were floating around even more with this second birth because my skin stretched so much farther due to twins.

While wearing the Bellefit girdle, I felt like everything was held in and being put back in its place.

bellefit reviews
Two weeks postpartum with twins, wearing the dual-closure girdle (1 week wearing the girdle)

Bellefit Sizing

After a month, I felt the dual-closure girdle was so comfortable! Remember how I said it should feel slightly uncomfortable??

I knew it was time to size down to the medium Bellefit girdle corset. The corset only has hook and eye closure up the middle, so no extra side zipper to get it on.

Again, my first few weeks were slightly uncomfortable but overall the back pain was minimal and I felt very held together.

I noticed that things were getting tighter, and most of the belly bulge I had left was extra skin.

After a month in the medium, I felt like I could size down to a small.

I didn’t feel like I need the compression anymore, but it felt good and of course makes me look great.. (who has time to exercise with newborns??)  

I only wore my Bellefit during the day, but you could wear it all night too.

It was also super easy to maintain. I hand-washed it in the sink every other day and let it dry overnight.

1-month postpartum with twins, wearing Bellefit dual-closure girdle

Is It Too Late to Wear a Postpartum Girdle?

My 3rd birth, I was planning to wear my Bellefit Girdle and Corset again.

However, the birth was hard and I lost a lot of blood. Physically, I felt awful leaving the hospital and the first several weeks I was home.

I was not interested in any compression on my stomach and could not get into wearing Bellefit.

About 3 weeks after birth, I felt better and more up to getting dressed. I can say that the Bellefit Girdle still did it's job. The compression felt great and it helped me feel confident going out into public.

Bellefit says that anytime within the first year after birth you can still benefit from wearing a postpartum girdle or corset.

Obviously, when you wear it directly after birth, your body is changing if it has a girdle or not.

However, I still believe it would be especially helpful with posture and retraining core muscles during the first year after baby.

Even after I was done wearing my girdle daily, I would still wear it during my workouts to keep my core held together.

Bellefit Girdle Corset

Is Bellefit Worth It?

The past two pregnancies, I truly believe Bellefit helped me as far as physical comfort and confidence after birth.

Although I believe it takes time to get your pre-pregnancy body back, I think Bellefit gave me a huge head start.

The physical change is just a side effect of the compression. My number one priority for recommending this product is how much it helps your core feel supported after birth.

The Dual Closure Girdle as well as the Bellefit Girdle Corset were extremely well made.

After using this product through two postpartum periods, I have not had any issues with tearing, clasps breaking or boning coming out.

They still look new! I think it's a very high quality product worth investing in.

I learned to invest in certain things that I would be using very regularly and I believe Bellefit is one of those things that it is well worth the cost.  

Where to Buy Bellefit Girdles

Although they are sold on Amazon, I recommend going through the Bellefit website.

Customer service is amazing and they can help you with any sizing issues.

Bellefit regularly runs great sales, so be sure to check for coupons to grab your Corset or Girdle at a great price!

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